About Slovz

Each pair of slovz is unique. Slovz are handmade in Russia according to a 300-year-old traditional design. 100% pure sheep wool is seamlessly pressed into felt, which is used to mould the boots. This is why Slovz are one of a kind and truly personal. You can shorten the boot by cutting off the top of the leg with a pair of scissors. Then simply fold it over. The possibilities are endless. Top quality guaranteed!

_35P2110There is no difference between the right and left shoe. Just choose which fit feels right and wear your Slovz frequently to break them in. Show your own style! If you wear slovz inside, they are just like comfy slippers. For outside, you can take Slovz with galoshes (rubber shoes) or rubber soles to be protected from getting wet and slipping on snow and ice.

Fit Slovz don’t have a fit. Just choose which boot you want to wear on your left and right foot and they will mould to the natural shape of your feet. This might take some time getting used to, but after a few days your Slovz will feel like a second skin. 

Size Slovz are made from 100% pure sheep wool that stretches with your feet for a comfortable fit. 

Design Slovz are handmade and may therefore vary in length. Cut to size with a pair scissors. Differences in colour are also possible, which is something that’s unique in the world!

Shrinkage Slovz are made from 100% pure sheep wool and are not waterproof. Wet Slovz may shrink. Therefore, do not dry on a radiator or near an open fire. Always wear galoshes when going outside or in rainy weather.

Storage Slovz can last a long time when stored in a dry place in a closet or in a box. Store galoshes separate from the boots. 

Colour White and brown Slovz are the natural colour of the sheep’s wool. Note: Black Slovz are dyed and may rub off or bleed onto light-coloured clothing.